Option 1 - Bar Code Scanner

  • Make sure the barcode scanner is turned on (Verify with pressing button and seeing red laser light).
  • Hold barcode scanner 2 to 3 inches from barcode.
  • Press button 1 to 3 times to scan and enter item onto the ShopKeep screen.
  • Verify item and price on the screen
  • If you are not able to scan after 1 to 3 times, proceed to manually search for the item in the search window (See Option 2)

Option 2 - Search For Item in Search Window

  • Locate the search window in the upper right hand corner
  • Touch the search bar to get a flashing cursor
  • The iPad keyboard will pop up on the screen
  • Start typing the item to see a list of compatible items
  • Find your item and touch it
  • The item now appears in the checkout screen (verify item and price)

Option 3 - Shortcut Boxes

  • On the main screen your Manager may have setup shortcut boxes for high frequency items.
  • These items are located below the checkout screen and you can swipe the screen to see more choices.
  • Find the item you are looking for, touch it, and it appears in the checkout screen above (verify item and price).
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