How to Contact Lenovo Support for ThinkPad and ThinkCentre Product Warranties

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Lenovo can be reached by phone at 1-800-426-7378. Before you call, you will need to have your machine type and serial number handy.

For international calls, please consult this page.

How to Find Your Machine Type

Lenovo products each have a four-digit machine time which identifies the hardware in your computer. On most ThinkPad laptops, the machine type is printed on a white and black sticker on the bottom of the laptop. For most ThinkCentre desktop computers, the machine type will be on a small black sticker near the front bezel of the machine.

Machine types also have three character suffixes, which identifies your specific computer build. For example, a ThinkPad's machine ID might be 8741-4SU. In this example, the machine type is 8741 and the suffix is 4SU. When calling Lenovo support, they will only ask for the machine type.

Serial Number

Your machine's serial number will be located on or near the sticker containing the machine's machine type as discussed above. The serial number may be numberic or alpha-numeric (containing letters and numbers).

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